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Astrategy to slow down the process of foreclosure is to ask the bank to produce the note. This website is dedicated to helping prevent foreclosures. Click on this link. 

An easy way to raise money for your family, church, school, charity, or anything else you can think of, without your supporters spending no more then they already spend. Click on the link.

Need help in saving your home? Click on these links and remember, the sooner you take action, the sooner you get results. Also ask for a proof of payment history. This can buy you time. Contact the bank to see if you can workout a payment plan you can afford.

Costco seems to have the lowest prices on prescription drugs, and you don't have to be a member. Just let them know that you want to fill a prescription.

Want to save on your groceries? Click on this link.

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Http:// thanks wall st. Journal

Find out if the charity you want to give to is spending money where they're suppose to. Click here 

Your library card does a lot more then allow you to take out a book. You can use your card to access articles and databases online on their site which would normally cost you. 

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Did you know when your printer says you are low on ink you still have plenty left? Don't change the cartridge yet. At least with hp ink cartridges you can go a long way before changing. It should remind you again before you have to change the cartridge. This is the time to change if you don't want to use up the cartridge. The down side to using up all the ink is you may have to change the cartridge while you're printing.

Telemarketers are back. If you have a cell phone you will start to receive calls from telemarketers, and you will pay for the calls unless you get off their list. Call the do not call list- 1-888-382-1222 or click on link you must renew every 5 years. Expires in june 2008

Save on your energy bills by using flurescent light bulbs. They cost more but you get more for your money. The old incandesent light bulbs waste 95% energy to generate light, while flurescent bulbs use 75-80% less energy to generate light. Using flurescent bulbs cuts down on green house emissions. Also unplug all your unused appliances and electronics. They consume energy while turned off.

Great ways to save on healthcare cost. Click on link.

***Wal-mart update - 11 more states have been added. The states are - ca, co, ct, hi, la, MN, MO, PA, TN, WS, and WY. Target is also going nationwide with their program.

***Wal-mart update- they will be adding the $4 discount generic drug plan to 14 more states. Click on link below for details.

*** Wal-mart update- they decided to offer their discounted generic drug service across florida now rather then four months from now.

Wal-mart and sams club stores in the tampa florida area are selling generic prescription drugs for many different conditions for $4 per 30 day supply. They will offer this price in as many states as possible next year.

If you or know someone thatís a cancer patient and needs a ride, the American cancer society has a service that provides transportation assistance. Call 1-800- 227- 2345 for assistance or how to volunteer.

These folk remedies may be able to save you money.

2 glasses of Gatorade may help relieve a headache.

Colgate toothpaste can make a salve for burns.

Got a stuffy nose? Take 2 peppermint altoids.

Have a sore throat? Mix 1 quater cup of vinegar with 1 quarter cup of honey. Take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day.

Skin blemishes? Try a dab of honey and put a band aid over it.

Got toenail fungus? Try soaking your toes in listerine.

Formula 409 does more then clean. It also works as a bug spray for all kinds of flying bugs.

Use elmers glue to get that splinter out by putting a drop on the splinter and pulling it off after it dries.

Hunts tomato sauce may help with that boil. Use as a compress.

Got a bruise? Vinegar may help by soaking a cotton ball and applying it to the bruise for 1 hour.

Dawn dishwashing liquid does more then clean dishes. If your dog has fleas, add a few drops to the bath and shampoo the animal thoroughly and rinse well to avoid any irritations.

the rules to the airlines discount game in order to save on your next trip. 

Candles last longer if you put them in the freezer for a few hours.

Gas prices by zip code - this site lets you know where the cheapest gas is to buy in your area.

Buying generic drugs can sometimes be cheaper then buying them in Canada. See article-6-15-04-

New website helps people try to save money on prescriptions -9-22-04

An article in the San Francisco chronicle-date-6-3-04- writer- Victoria Colliver talked about a survey done by consumers checkbook- a nonprofit group that puts out a price comparison magazine.

They compared prescription drug prices in the bay area, and found a large disparity in prices.

For certain drugs, you could pay from $69.00- $130.00, depending on where you live, and what store you bought it from.

Based on this, i think the best deal is at Costco.

This is not the first time I heard that Costco has the lowest prices.

You should at least check this out. It may be worth it.

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