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Want to watch how to videos? Click on this site. Thanks Wall st. Journal

Want to read how to articles? Click on this site. Thanks Wall st. Journal

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Cell phone numbers are going public as of 2- 15- 08, which means telemarketers will be calling. If you don't want to waste your minutes or your time, call this number from your cell phone to register it (1- 888- 382-1222) or clink on this link

What is the national flower? For the answer and a simple way to understand your government, click on this link.

Need legal help but can't afford a lawyer? Try this site.

This site has a lot of information and is children friendly. Thanks wall st. Journal.

Get tips on the latest information regarding consumers.

Want to send email to a group of people but you don't want to show their addresses? Put your name in the - to column (who to send it to), then put the addresses in the bcc column. Thanks wall st. Journal

Get opinions on where the best restaurants are when you travel. Http:// thanks cnn video.

Find out where the best seats are on the plane and more. Click on thanks cnn video.

Want to know how stuff works? Click on this link.

Your children can learn how to start a business. Click on this link.
Http:// thanks sf examiner.

Want to tell your life story? These two sites can help you. Http:// and thanks to the wall st. Journal

For health, environmental information and more, click on   

Find free wifi hot spots across the country. Click on this link.

Looking for reviews on products and services at one place? Go to

looking for a specific video clip? Go to Clink on the link to see what they have.

Telemarketers are back. If you have a cell phone you will start to receive calls from telemarketers, and you will pay for the calls unless you get off their list. Call the do not call list- 1-888-382-1222 or click on the link you must renew every 5 years. Expires in June 2008

save time sending your email address when you change your isp. Just get free email like at yahoo and make that your primary email address.

New site lets you know if your restaurant is clean and safe. Go to

Need help looking up someone or something? Go to

An interesting site to get info. On all kinds of things is  check it out.

Candles last longer if you put them in the freezer for a few hours.

Baking soda on a damp rag with a little elbow grease will take crayons off walls.

Spray your cologne or perfume on the light bulb before you turn it on to get a great smell in the room.

Vinegar works great on windows and mirrors.

Need a loan for your business, pay off credit cards, fix a roof, school, or many other reasons, this site may be able to help you.

Good credit or not , these loans are funded by people looking to help people and earn a better interest rate then what the banks pay. For more information click on 

Did you know there is a number you can call on your cell phone that connects you with the local police dispatcher? The number is- #77

Never be late for the bus or train again. By going to, you can see where the bus or train is in real time. Now thatís a good reason to have the internet on your phone.

Make sure you clean the cans you drink from. A woman died from a poison given off from mice urine. A lot of cans are stored in warehouses where mice live. Better to be safe then sorry.

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