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Thank you for visiting voterpowerpowerusa.com, The take action poll

My name is voterman-defender of the just uniter of the people. Are you laughing yet?

Thats part of my job,the other part is uniting all Americans to take back the gov't from corprate lobbyist, special interest groups, and dishonest politicians. Are you with me?

If your'e young,old,or anywhere in between,registered voter or not,old enough to vote or not,and tired of gov't waste,unjust laws,unjust healthcare,business practices,education,and all the other injustices,you face in your life.

Voterpowerusa.com is the place to vote.

This site is a non party,non lable site,that deals in unbiased information so you can feel confident,when you vote on the major issues you face in your life everyday.

What do i mean by labels?

Rich, poor, middle class, white, black, Asian, gay, straight, christian, jew, muslim, democrat, republican, independent, and any other labels you can think of.

Labels are important to indviduals but they keep you divided which weakens your voting power so you can't get together on the major issues you  face in your life everyday. 

Are you with me?    

Voterman and voterpowerusa.com are here to save the day.

We only have 4 agendas.

1. To provide a site that unites Americans to vote together on the major issues you face in your life everyday in order to get what you want regardless of race, class, party, sex, age, or religion.

2. To provide unbiased information so you feel confident about what you vote on.

3. Holding politicians accountable for what they do or don't do. 

4. Taking action by voting based on the information above. 

If 60-100 million Americans voted together, congress would give you what you wanted, instead of catering to corporate lobbyist, and the special interest groups, so they can raise money for their next campaign.

They would give you what you wanted because they know no matter how much money they raised they would be out of a job if they went against the majority of Americans. 

This is the only time both parties come together which is rare. Most of the time they vote party wether the bill is right or not.

Enough is enough. 

Stop the gridlock in congress by voting together on the major issues so they know exactly what you want. This way, no matter who's in office, you still win. 

It should'nt matter who's in office congress should be doing whats best for you not just for a few and themselves.

Example-Why does Canada have a better prescription drug plan than we do?

Do they care more about their citizens then your gov't cares about you?

Why are compainies allowed to export jobs out of the country to save money, import workers into the country to save money, but you  are'nt allowed to import prescription drugs you need to survive, and live a healthier life?

It's time to unite and deal directly with the major issues you face in your life now.

Congress should be given a report card based on their support for what you want in order to keep their jobs.

Not based on popularity, the money they raise, or the influence they have, like it is now.

We are part of the problem because we vote these politicians in office based on this criteria and don't hold them accountable when they get in.no more playing party against party and using this as an excuse why nothing gets done. 

You only need to do 4 simple things to get what you need and payed for now.

By voting together you let the gov't know you mean business.

Lets make voterpowerusa.com-the take action poll. If 60-100 million Americans voted together on anything you would get it.

All you have to do is unite on the major issues you face in your life, then deal with the issues that divide us.A lot of times we are divided because we don't have all the facts to make the right decision.

Remember before you judge or vote put yourself in the other persons shoes.

You may feel different and realize you have more in common then you thought.

Are you with me?

Because we don't reach everyone online we need a tv. Show to include all Americans. The show will be entertaning thats where i come in- voterman-defender of the just uniter of the people but serious at the same time with unbiased information on the major issues you face now.

The show alone should get you to support Voterpowerusa.com, A show that deals with major issues you face in your life everyday and take action on by voting together.

By supporting voterpowerusa.com,You're supporting your family, friends, co-workers, church members, and your community.Thats how big this is.Isn't this worth supporting?Whats the worst that can happen supporting and voting on voterpowerusa.com? 

Nothing the same thing thats happening now.

Like not knowing who or what to vote for and not getting what you 
need because our votes are divided or, Americans coming together at voterpowerusa.com
The take action poll voting on the major issues you face to make your life and your families life better.

Just by doing 4 simple things you can have what you need now.  

1. Vote together on voterpowerusa.com because this is the only way your'e going to get what you need from your gov't. Voting is the only power you have.

2. Get the word out by telling your family, friends, co-workers, church members, unions, associations, and anyone else you can think of  about voterpowerusa.com 

3. S
upport voterpowerusa.com by making a small donation to keep it running and getting better for you, buying a souvenir, get out the vote apparel, buy what you would normally buy once a month. Just click on the buttons above to make a small donation, visit votermans' store, click on the help support page in the scroll down bar, or click on the amazon search below. 

4. Finally vote out those politicians who don't want what you want. Don't you think it's time to make them pay? They're making you pay.

It's just that simple. How else are you going to get what you need? 

What does it hurt to try this?

Are you with me?

This site is for Americans who believe in justice, and equality for all not just for thoes who can afford it.

Finally for Americans who want to see america be the best it can be for you and your family.A happy, healthy, honest, safe, and secure country for all. So what do you have to lose supporting voterman and voting on votrepowerusa.com? 

Take action now by doing 4 simple things to get what you need and payed for.

Will this work? There's only one way to find out.

No one thought we'd be flying in airplanes, driving cars, and talking to family members who live across the country.

They all started with a thought.This is voterman signing off.

Power to the voters 

Thank you for your support

Voterman- defender of the just uniter of the people
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